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Yoga for Children

Pre School Class 2-5 years Tuesdays 9:30am, 45 minutes Oakley Green Hut, Basingstoke 
5-7 years Wednesdays 5:15pm, 40 minutes 7-11 years Wednesdays 6:00pm, 45 minutes Both @ Oakley Green Hut, Basingstoke


About Tiger Tree Yoga

Find balance and plant deep roots to support your inner tiger

Yoga classes for children. Age 2 to teen, pre school, schools, home ed families, parent and child, in and around Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Practicing yoga movements and postures through carefully designed games and stories. Children will have time to learn how to find peace and calmness through breathing, meditation and relaxation...and have lots of fun!

“Yoga creates children who are bright lights in this world, increasing their self-awareness and strengthening their bodies” (Shakta Khalsa) 


Our Classes

“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are” (Jason Crandell) 

Our classes target the growth and development of the child’s body and mind, in carefully designed and planned lessons to suit their age. Classes work on developing the child’s ability to centre themselves and listen carefully.  Breathing exercises, suitable for children, are incorporated into each class.  There is lots of fun practicing yoga poses and sequences, where fun props, stories, themes and games are used. Restorative and specialised relaxation and meditation techniques are used. 


Schools and Settings 

“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear” (Rumi) 

If your school, pre school or educational setting is interested in providing yoga for your children, then I can bring Tiger Tree Yoga to you. 
Classes run with a carefully planned timetable of activities and games, with a structure that children soon become familiar with.  Although themed or seasonal classes, and story based sessions can be introduced. 
A typical session will focus on: attention and listening, breathing, an age-appropriate sun salutation flow, games which introduce yoga postures, quietening practice, relaxation and meditation. 
I will provide everything they need for their yoga experiences. 
Please contact me for more information and availability. 
“Best PE lesson ever” 


“Best PE lesson ever, even better than football” 

The children thoroughly enjoyed the session. They were all engaged and focused throughout. It was a lovely idea to introduce the yoga positions through the story and the visual resources worked brilliantly with these youngest children. The children talked about how much they had enjoyed it on their return to class.


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